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 It all about the things which will be taken for grant but indeed it all matter for your health,that's keeping your surroundings clean and hygienic. If we starts for house to our office it the area we will spend a lot time. Some we may not in the positions to do it ourselves. We look for  Professional housekeepers are quick and beautifully efficient. They clean several rooms to perfection day in and day out.

Always start with a plan:
  • Employ a systematic approach to cleaning. That way, you will save time and avoid repeating steps. For e.g. first pick up all the clothes and soiled linen and get it out of the room for cleaning. Next make the bed, etc.
  • When planning, always keep bigger and more tiresome tasks at the top of the list. That way the heavy chores will be done when you are charged up, and the petty tasks will be left for a more tired you.
Start with the ceiling and end with the floor:
  • Make this a rule. Always start to clean at the top – the ceiling, the fan, the ceiling light fittings and then slowly move towards the bottom, dusting off frames, rods and furniture and then finally the floor.
  • If you choose any another way, chances are, the dust will settle on things that you already cleaned, and will have you repeat all over again! Be wise.
Furniture needs more than dusting:
  • Your couches and sofas collect a bit more than just dust. If you house couch potatoes, you might find food particles, oil stains, grime, and even a few insects having an after party.
  • This dirt build up can ruin the fabric over time. Always ensure that after you dust your seating furniture, you vacuum the hard to reach areas and then wipe down the whole thing with a damp cloth (unless it’s unpolished wood).
  • If your upholstery has gathered stains, gently scrub away using soapy water. If it works great, else you should call professional housekeeping service to give those seats some TLC.
Always keep you bulbs sparkly clean:
  • Bulbs and light fittings collect dust over time. Apart from that, they may even entertain excreta from pesky mosquitoes.
  • That keeps them from brightening up your rooms to its full potential. Always rub them down gently with a damp cloth. (Warning: Make sure you wait for at least an hour after you switch them off, before cleaning, so as to ensure they are cool enough to clean, else you might end up causing a blast, or burning your fingers).
Use chemicals like they should be used:
  • House cleaning chemicals should be used wisely and with caution. They come with instructions for a reason.
  • Don’t ever mix two different cleaning chemicals for better effect. You may unintentionally create harmful vapours or damage, what you are cleaning, in the process.
  • One tip that you can use is, to use different rags for each type of item in your house e.g. Glass, wooden furniture, leather items etc., (make sure the rags are differently coloured to avoid confusion) so you don’t unintentionally mix them up.
Care for what cares for you:
  • Your cleaning appliances make your job easier. So keeping them in top condition, should figure in your priority list. This way your appliances always work to its full potential, saving you effort and giving you a better quality of service.
  • On a regular basis, check for dirt clogs in your vacuum device, clean and sterilize your cleaning brushes, clean the washer of your washing machine, and get rid of rust build up on your iron ( so they don’t stain your precious linen while you are de-wrinkling it to perfection).
Let the sun in:
  • Whenever you are doing a cleaning act, always ensure that the windows are open wide.
  • Natural light not only helps you see better and hence clean better, but also disinfects your room and dispels odours leaving your room feeling fresh.
Pay attention to your beds:
  • Beds make for the most important and most visible part of your bedroom. A clean bed is half the room done.
  • Always keep your mattresses and pillows clean off stains, dust mites, and allergens. The best way to do that is to use mattress protectors and pillow protectors.
  • Spread well laundered clean sheets on the bed to make a lasting impression.
A priority a day:
  • Having to clean every nook and corner of the house or even just your bedroom can be tedious and seem almost impossible.
  • Well, there is a solution to this. Make sure you have one thing (e.g. Kitchen shelves, mirrors, wardrobes or furniture…just about anything) a day kept on priority. That day you will clean the house like you regularly do and deep clean this particular chosen area.
  • That way each part of your house is regularly deep cleaned without you having to break your spine over it.
So, arm yourself with your cleaning equipment, and get going. Remember, when, if you don’t know how anything is done, or don’t want to do it because of lack of time, energy or motivation, you can always call good housekeeping service in Hyderabad to yield its magic and have your home sparkly clean. (Thanks to Jf and dail us)


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