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DialForFix is a company established for home owners to find a reliable place for their basic home projects or needs


Now when the service professionals reach your home and fix the ticket, you can pay online (coming soon) or pay it directly to the service professionals. It’s that so simple!

Payment Transparency:

If quoted amount to be paid by cash to service professional for this we will provide a Bill for your work done. As it business issue no misguided quotation should not be there with service professional. In other words no hide and seek things will be there for our team. As this concept will be leading to progress of company and better way of serving the customers.

Cancellation / Rescheduled:

Your service request may be cancelled anytime online through Dialforfix platform web before 2 hours.
The cancellation charges will be Rs 50.
If service request is cancelled or rescheduled 2 hours before the scheduled service time, the cancellation charges will NOT be applicable. If the service is cancelled after this, customer is liable to pay cancellation charges Rs 50.
If the order is booked within 2 hours of scheduled service appointment, then cancellation charges will be applicable anyways.
If the service professional is running late by 30 minutes and customer wants to cancel the order, then the cancellation charges will NOT be applicable.
Due to any unforeseen circumstances or internal reasons, Dialforfix reserves the right to cancel any order at any point of time, and will not be liable to anyone for the same.
If the visit is cancelled by the service professional or Dialforfix then customer is NOT liable to pay cancellation charges.

Details of Customer:

The details of our customer are not used for any other business purpose.


If there is any issue with service professional please calls us immediately on +91 7799651033 and you can also mail with full details what exactly happened. If any more you need share do through “What’s App” (Coming soon)

Mutual Understanding:

If service professional is not able reach to your place due to following reasons annoy Weather conditions, Known Traffic Jams, Natural Calamities, any accident and other acceptable reasons on humanity bases you have to accept it and show mercy on us.

Responsibility of Work Done:

We take responsibility of work done by service professional for 5 days time after completion of work. That we for work which was done not the material which is used for it.


For any damage done to you belongs the service professional and we are responsible only if any fraud or false guidance given about that. In general if the particular item is already damaged and if that disclosed means that damage we will not consider.

Win Win Situations:

At the end of the there should be win win situation as we providing solution for your requirement. We highly pleased if we get genuine feedback, so that we can improve to serve you better way.

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